Ottobre kids 06/2018

Ottobre design Kids 06/2018
Ottobre design Kids 06/2018

Ottobre design Kids 06/2018

Ottobre design 06/2018 Kids Kindermode Winterausgabe


Das Heft erscheint im Handel voraussichtlich am 16.10.2018




Aus dem Inhalt:



Winter is approaching, bringing with it frost and gales. Layering clothes is a great way to stay warm, and various soft knits, corduroy, wool fabrics and currently trendy faux-fur fabrics are ideal materials for this. Two different sweatpants, corduroys, Punto di Roma pants, snap-side sweatpants, a hooded furry jacket, a shearling-style aviator jacket and several soft sweatshirts. Sizes 86–170 cm


After a bedtime story, children are ready to nestle in their beds like little forest animals. Ultra-comfortable nightwear is made from organic cotton. Warm unisex pajamas for children of all ages, two lovely nighties from single jersey, a shirt-style nightgown from cotton voile, and a pajama T-shirt and shorts made from single jersey for boys. Sizes 86–170 cm


Babies need plenty of indoor wear, as well as practical outdoor coveralls. A new-style bodysuit, footed pants, a long-sleeve T-shirt, overalls, a knit romper, two cute outdoor coveralls and a winter hat. Sizes 56–92 cm


Meet our pretty Pinecone Princess, sweet Heather Fairy and lovely Queen of the Fir Forest. Beautiful dresses, an organic faux-fur jacket, a wool fabric coat and two warm merino wool cardigans. Sizes 92–170 cm



Modellübersicht Ottobre Kids 06/2018

Modellübersicht Ottobre Kids 06/2018


In der Winterausgabe 2018 für Kinder sind 35 Schnittmuster für Kindermode in den Größen 56-170 auf 3 Schnittmusterbögen zum abpausen und nachnähen enthalten.
Auch in dieser Ausgabe sind diese Modelle enthalten: